Who We Are

We're a team of developers, designers, and internet marketers with a proven track record of creating customized and highly effective solutions to meet the technological, marketing, and branding needs of our clients. We're based in Kingston, Jamaica but serve a culturally diverse set of clients from all over the world.


What We Do

We combine the stated goals of our patrons with our own in-depth knowledge of information technology and how it can be used to drive productivity, increase sales, and create beautiful products. Mobile apps, websites, web applications, and digital marketing campaigns are just some of the many solutions we offer to serve the individual needs of each client.


How We Do It

Rather than taking the one-size-fits-all approach used by many other companies, we believe that each client operates in their own unique environment - which includes their resources, their goals, their competition, and other variables - and we take all of these into account to design the best possible solution(s) for their needs.


We offer a wide variety of services that cover everything from corporate branding, customer relationship management, software development, website development and online reputation management.

How We Do It

Social Media Marketing

Nearly every major brand leverages the power of social media to drive key marketing metrics like brand visibility, customer goodwill, and customer relationship management. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms let you reach your customers (and potential clients) in the spaces where they feel most comfortable - allowing you to develop a kind of personal relationship with your customers that marketers of 10 short years ago could only dream of.

How We Do It

Website Development

A website acts like a permanent salesman - working 24 hours a day every day to handle requests for information about your company or business when you and your employees are off the clock. A website that's mobile accessible like this one (i.e. optimized for viewing on all smartphones and tablets) is even better because it ensures a positive user experience for all your visitors.

How We Do It

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps can be used to entertain, educate, or engage users in some kind of activity. From casual gaming to customized apps that support specialized business processes, modern smartphone platforms represent a virtual goldmine of opportunity for creative entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Whether it's building the next Candy Crush or creating an app to make your business processes more efficient, we can help bring your ideas to life.

How We Do It

SMS and Email Marketing

SMS Marketing puts highly targeted marketing messages right into the hands of your potential customers. Marketing is all about reaching your target market wherever they are. When's the last time you saw someone without a cell phone? With our own customized bulk SMS delivery system and partnerships with some of the most reputable names in the global SMS industry, your SMS marketing efforts couldn't be any better hands than ours.

Email marketing lets you leverage the reach of our growing list of email subscribers and increase the reach of your brand's messages. Ask us how we can drive more customers to your business.

How We Do It

Graphic Design & Corporate Branding

Your company's image can make or break you - especially if you're just starting out in a competitive market. Eye-catching designs and aesthetically pleasing marketing material will help your business stand out from the crowd and give the right impression of you and your company to your target market.


See what happens when your bright ideas for driving your company forward into the digital age meet a team with the expertise and creativity to make almost anything happen.

Picture of Nick

Nicholas Williams - Technical Director

Nick has extensive experience in software development and has developed games, websites, mobile applications, web applications, and many other types of projects - both professionally and for fun. He loves solving problems and using his skills to create new things that either entertain people or make their lives easier in some way. He is also active in the local startup scene and works with a number of growing tech companies.

Achievements : 1st Place DevCa 2015 (Sponsored by the World Bank and Mona School of Business Management), 2nd Place Digijam 3.0 (Sponsored by the World Bank and LIME). Both events held in Kingston, Jamaica.

Khadine Carty - Project Management Consultant

Khadine has Project Management certifications from the Mona School of Business Management (UWI) and the Project Management Institute and brings a wealth of knowledge (and fierce passion for her work) to the team. In addition to her project management expertise, Khadine's effervescent personality and all-round positive energy helps everyone on the team to do their best work (and have fun while they're at it).

Achievements : 2nd Place Digijam 3.0 (Sponsored by the World Bank and LIME).

Picture of Khadine



As much as we love technology and adore what we do, we know that most of our clients are also very interested in how the solutions we provide will make or save them some money. Every example you'll find in our portfolio is of something that was built to be functional, beautiful, and profitable - right from the get-go.

What's better than an affordably priced solution? How about one that pays for itself?

Nick Williams, Co-Founder of Argent Media & Communications

A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Inc.

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